Best Free Android Apps [February 2021]: 5 Amazing Apps That You Must Try | Best Free Android Apps [February 2021]: 5 Amazing Apps That You Must Try


App makers are constantly coming up with innovative apps to improve and enhance our smartphone and tablet experiences, and there are so many of them that it gets a bit overwhelming to keep a track of them and find out which ones are the best for us. If you think you’re an early adopter of the newest tech and apps, here are some of the best free Android apps of February 2021 that will not just help you be productive but also change the way you use your smartphone.

1. Ratio

Finding launchers for your phone that fit your usage perfectly is quite a tedious task, but Ratio helps you keep everything organized and at a thumb’s length. It turns your home screen into an app section categorised perfectly into ‘tiles’. You can of course, manually move around the apps as you please.

A highlight of the app is the Ratio Tree. In simple words, it’s a one-stop tab for your messaging needs, be it WhatsApp, Telegram, or your Insta DMs. You get to access messages and even the settings of the messengers under one unified place. This feature still has a few rough edges, but it is interesting to use nevertheless.

Ratio also shows the amount of time you spend per day on apps. This appears on the right side of all the categorized apps. There are a bunch of customisation settings too that you can go through and make the app look the way you intend it to. A bit of a personal touch doesn’t hurt, does it?

2. Billbot

The end of the month is one of the most haunting times of your lives — it’s the time to pay all your bills, be it subscription services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime,Tinder, and other online payments. Billbot is an app that claims to help you with just that.

It’s essentially a bot that keeps note of all your online expenses. You can add the services you are using from a tab in the app. It requires you to manually type in the amount initially, but later on it keeps reminding you about the same price tag.

You can set the duration to monthly or yearly depending on the service you are using. The app lets you check your monthly total and how much is pending and even provides you with an yearly estimate. The app’s UI is intuitive and you can also add multiple profiles if need be.

3. Volume Styles

Using the same theme or UI on your smartphone can sometimes be monotonous. However, if you want to try something aesthetically new on your device, you might have to root it. Sometimes it’s just the smaller things like volume sliders that make all the difference and Volume Styles is a shining example of just that. This app can change the theme of your volume sliders and you have a ton of options to choose from including iOS, Samsung’s OneUI, and OxygenOS, among others. All this without rooting your device.

Applying it is pretty simple, just choose your desired volume slide style and hit the start button up top and you’ll be able to see the style you chose on your screen. Remember, it won’t amplify your speaker’s sound, it will only change the way you interact with the volume slider.

4. Bluetooth Audio Device Widget

If you are someone who uses a ton of Bluetooth products, be it a pair of TWS earphones, your bluetooth headphones or just a smartwatch, Bluetooth Audio Device Widget is a handy app.

As the name suggests, it’s just a simple widget— you are greeted with all the Bluetooth devices you’ve ever connected to your phone and you can even choose to place one or more than one on your home screen.

This is extremely handy especially if you want to connect to certain devices in a hurry, as you don’t have to waste your time digging through the settings and finding your devices. All you need is a single tap to connect to your Bluetooth device. It can also be used if you want to juggle between two Bluetooth devices.

You can also change the icons of the connected devices as per your wish. The widget lets you switch between call and media profiles and also shows you the current battery percentage of the device.

5. Memorigi

There are a ton of apps that let you organise your day by offering you tools like to-do-lists and notes. But, Memorigi does it with an interesting twist — a lively, colourful UI that is pleasing and intuitive to use. Adding notes and to-do lists on this app is a breeze. The app focuses on your daily tasks and is the first thing that’s being displayed once you open the app.

You can create your daily tasks from here and add them to pre-built lists or you can manually make one as per your liking. You also can add alarms and the app will send you a notification once it hits the timer, you can add notes under your main lists to keep things more organized.

You can check your calendar and your progress to see how many tasks you’ve completed throughout the week. Unfortunately, adding subtasks, attachments, and collaborators is only available in the premium version of the app.

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