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Biden to push COVID stimulus bill at Wisconsin town hall event | Business and Economy News

Biden will hold town hall in Wisconsin on Tuesday to build support for bill, which faces opposition from Republicans.United States President Joe Biden...

LAPD probes ‘cruel’ George Floyd photo, murder trial weeks away | Black Lives Matter News

A report that Los Angeles Police Department officers circulated a photo of George Floyd with the words “you take my breath away” in...

India joins Iran-Russia joint navy drill; China also to take part | Military News

Exercises include shooting at sea and air targets and liberating hijacked ships, as well as search and rescue and anti-piracy operations.Tehran, Iran –...

Syringe shortage hampers Japan’s COVID-19 vaccination drive | Business and Economy News

Government issues urgent requests for more syringes for the inoculation drive that begins on Wednesday.Fears are growing in Japan – where an inoculation...

Nine Hong Kong activists go on trial over huge democracy rally | Hong Kong Protests News

Two plead guilty with veteran politician Martin Lee among those in the dock over one of 2019’s biggest democracy protests.Two former Hong Kong...

Myanmar blocks internet for second night in bid to choke protests | Military News

Blackout follows 10th day of protests marked by prominent military presence and use of force in Mandalay.Myanmar was plunged into a second internet...

US Congress to set up commission to investigate Capitol attack | US & Canada News

Independent commission will ‘get to the truth’ about January 6 mob attack, says Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.The United States Congress will establish...

Mitch McConnell’s big bet: Trump is not the future of the GOP | Donald Trump News

For critics of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, his vote to acquit former President Donald Trump on a charge of inciting the US...

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