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Blast shakes Riyadh three days after projectile intercepted | Conflict News

No immediate reaction from Saudi Arabia, which has faced repeated missile and drone attacks from Houthi rebels.A loud explosion shook Riyadh on Tuesday...

US allows transactions with Houthis as ‘terrorist’ label reviewed | Houthis News

Aid groups warn the Trump administration’s designation of Yemeni rebels could trigger famine in the war-torn country.The United States has temporarily stayed a...

Yemen’s warring sides resume prisoner exchange talks in Jordan | Houthis News

Houthi rebels, Saudi-backed gov’t resume fresh UN-backed negotiations in Amman months after huge prisoner exchange.Yemen’s warring sides have begun fresh United Nations-backed negotiations...

Why the US is wrong to designate the Houthis as ‘terrorists’ | Houthis News

On January 10, then US Secretary of State Pompeo announced that the Trump administration was designating Ansar Allah, the de facto Houthi-led government...

Blast heard in Riyadh as Saudi Arabia intercepts ‘hostile target’ | Conflict News

Saudi Arabia’s airport delays flights after the kingdom intercepts apparent missile or drone attack over its capital.Saudi Arabia intercepted an apparent missile or...

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