SAI Modifies SOPs Partially To Ensure Athletes Returning From Competitions Can Continue Training | SAI Modifies SOPs Partially To Ensure Athletes Returning From Competitions Can Continue Training


The Sports Authority of India (SAI) is coming up with various proactive measures, in order to ensure that there is no drop in intensity of Olympic-bound athletes. As a part of these measures, SAI has proactively amended the quarantine regulations for those returning to its centres from various competitions. In partial modification of the Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) issued on September 11 and December 3, the SAI has ensured that athletes returning to national camps and other training centres are able to continue training without compromising safety.


In a statement, SAI said that “the measure has been introduced to ensure that athletes are able to maintain continuity in their training programme. The athlete will be able to resume his or her training routine, except that he or she will be kept away from athletes who remained in the bio-bubble for the first seven days and until he or she returns a negative RT-PCR test.”

With six months left for the Tokyo Olympic Games and with domestic and international competition resuming, athletes have or will begin competing in various disciplines to either gain qualification for the Olympic Games or secure competitive exposure.

Asking them to quarantine themselves for seven days each time they return to base from competition, would adversely affect their training as they seek to maintain their periodisation cycle. SAI has also told the heads of all its training facilities that athletes returning from various competitions, should be housed in a separate hostel or block of hostels till their RT-PCR test is negative at the end of seven days, so that athletes do not come into contact with those who remained in the bio-bubble.


The heads of all SAI centres and the coaches have been instructed to draw up a proper schedule, so that athletes returning from the competition can use the field of play, gym and sports science facilities to ensure continuity of training, but without compromising the safety of those athletes who remained in the respective centres.

Similarly, all centres have been advised to make separate dining arrangements for athletes returning from competition, till their RT-PCR test report becomes available. In places where it is not possible to create a separate dining area, they will make a detailed schedule to prevent the mingling of such persons with those who stayed back in the camp.

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