Watch | IIT Madras’ home-grown e-bike | Watch | IIT Madras' home-grown e-bike

An IIT Madras-Incubated start-up has recently launched PiMo, a sustainable utility e-bike. Pi Beam’s new Electric Two-Wheeler can charge faster than a smartphone. Riding PiMo does not require a license or registration.

Priced at Rs. 30, 000 it is economical and eliminates fuel costs. It offers ‘Battery Swapping’ and a drained battery can be exchanged for a fully charged one at designated locations.

PiMo is one of the few EVs in the local market that is almost completely made in India. 90% of its components, including the batteries and controllers, are manufactured in India.

PiMo is positioned between an electric bicycle and entry-level electric scooter. Offering a top speed of 25 kmph, it allows speeds lower than that of a motorbike. PiMo provides a higher travel range than an electric bicycle at 50 kms on a single charge.

It features dual suspension at the rear and larger and ergonomically designed seats. It comes with a swing arm mechanism and dual shock absorbers.

PiMo maker Pi-Beam was founded by an IIT Madras Alum Visakh Sasikumar. The start-up has already gained over 100 initial customers within weeks of opening preorders for PiMo. Pi Beam aims to sell 10,000 vehicles by the end of the financial year 2021-22.

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