Who knew a small virus which doesn’t even come to the eye would make us stop everything and have us sit at home? But there, and there isn’t much that can be done apart from being productive, being in a good mindset and spending these days, so if you are fashion police like me and love to explore new styles, this one’s for you.
Don’t be disheartened because you cannot shop your favourite outfit picks, instead take these
times to find ways to keep your fashion game top the notch even during the lockdown and don’t
let the trend-setter in your die!

Work from home code:
Work From Home Code is a thing. It sets you in the right headspace. Start getting ready the same way you used to get ready when the lockdown wasn’t in the picture at all. This will keep the stylish you alive. However, keep in mind to strike a balance between the clothes you choose. Do not choose outfits that are TOO comfortable, sweatpants/ PJs all day can be a little disparaging.
They can’t be too stiff and corporate-ish either, because working for long hours, comfort is
important too.

Revamp your wardrobe:
Yes, it works. Do you remember all the nights prior to college/school you looked at your closet and said: “ I’ve nothing to wear ”. Now that you have some spare time, you can put it to test. Start off with clothes you have not used for the longest time, get rid of some of them, for others, experiment new styles you have always liked but never got the opportunity to
wear, mix and match and come up with different styles, for your closet as well as you.
Keep looking for fashion inspo. Just because you are at home, for the time being, doesn’t mean the creativity and your imagination has to stop. Look up what is happening on social media, stay
up to date with trends. Follow fashion icons, Pinterest and keep the Fashion brain moving.
Lastly, don’t forget to accessorise and accentuate your efforts of dressing up at home. Don’t get too layers or heavy accessories involved. Wear more of delicate pieces and statement rings, they
are so easy to mix and match with any outfit and are noticed to the eye so easily. You will
definitely feel put together well-accessorized in no time.
Hope this gives you the motivation to dress up for the day!



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