Creating the Perfect Salad for Summer | Creating the Perfect Salad for Summer

With the hot weather finally arriving (at least for a few days before it inevitably starts raining again) we think that it’s about time to bust out the old salad tongs and create some truly refreshing dishes.

On the face of things, creating a salad seems easy. You just show in some leafy greens, some tomatoes, and a bit of chicken and you’re done, right?

Sure, that could work. Or you could make the most amazing salad that you’ve ever tasted with these helpful tips.

Tip #1 – Don’t Forget the Seasoning

A little simple seasoning is what often separates restaurant-quality salads from the stuff that you make at home.

Of course, you want to make sure you season the dressing. But what most people forget is that you need a touch of seasoning for the greens too. It’s not just a cause of tearing away a few leaves of lettuce and throwing them in a bowl. Add a dash of salt or pepper, depending on your personal tastes.

Don’t go overboard here as you don’t want the seasoning to overshadow the greens themselves. Just add a pinch and mix it up to create that extra bit of flavour.

Tip #2 – Go Seasonal

Lettuce and cucumber may be ever-presents in a humble salad. But when it comes to your extra veggies, it’s always best to go for whatever’s seasonal.

This is all about freshness.

Yes, you can find pretty much any type of vegetable at the local supermarket. But it’s the stuff that’s in season that’s going to taste the best. Try visiting your local greengrocer to ask them what’s in season right now. They’ll point you in the direction if their freshest produce.

Tip #3 – Always Toss the Salad

It’s tempting to just dump your dressing on top after preparing all of your ingredients.

Don’t do it. You’ll just end up with clumps of dressing and a bunch of ingredients that aren’t benefitting from it.

Always take the time to toss your salad in a large bowl before serving. Yes, it adds a couple of minutes to the process. But it’s not like it’s a difficult task. Plus, you’ll certainly see the benefits once you take that first bite.

Tip #4 – Don’t Just Stick With the Greens

There are so many ways that you can add a bit more colour and flavour to your salad. We recommend using your greens as the base before adding to them.

For example, a little grated carrot works well with a summer salad. If you’re looking to add some more flavour, why not throw in some sliced onion. You can even add a few herbs into the mix to make the salad pop. Some, such as basil, even work well as greens on their own.

And of course, your choice of meat plays a part here. You’re usually going to go with white meat here, with chicken being the most popular. And your friendly Najma team just so happens to have a range of chilled chicken products that are perfect for crafting tasty salads.

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