Best time to takecare of your skin | Best time to takecare of your skin

Skincare in lockdown doesn’t have to be hard.

Read these 3 simple tips. 

Don’t let the #CoronaLockdown mess up your skincare routine. I understand these times may be tough on you; We are all going through changes and it is imperative your skin would feel the brunt too. 

Your relationship with skin may not have been the best at all times. However, now that you have considerable more time on your hands to amp up your skincare routine, do not go all out and experiment with everything, Here are 3 simple tips that would keep your skin healthy and not feeling locked-down. 

Keep it effortless… Bye Bye, Routine(s)

We are giving the exact opposite treatment to our routines than our bodies actually require. To prevent this from happening, we need to start introducing the “normalcy” in these times. It can simply mean by starting to bring the normal back by eating on the right times, structuring your day effectively, having a proper sleep schedule, etc. 

You may be used to staying in your pyjamas since the lockdown started, don’t let this become the “normal”. Instead make things “normal” by dressing for the day and showing up for yourself, even if that means you have nowhere to go. Don’t forget to HYDRATE! 

Stress may be breaking you out

A lot of us have been feeling the stress in this situation and it may take a physical toll on your skin. Stress causes chemical responses in your body which makes the skin more sensitive and reactive. You may have the perfect routine, but stress could interfere and make things messy. To keep the stress at bay, keep exercising regularly, it motivates you and pumps up the blood levels, practice stress management techniques like yoga or relaxation techniques. 

Vitamin D 

Your skin may be used to the light of day, It is important to have your skin breathing the fresh air and some heat from the sun. However, this may not be completely possible for some. Sitting by the window for some beams of the sun or Vitamin D supplements may help. Just remember too much sun exposure is still a concern, always have SPF on, even if you are at home, let it be a morning ritual. Be sure to consider the safety of these supplements. You can also get Vitamin D from foods like mushroom, cheese and soy milk. 




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