Merakii is all set to host another art exhibition titled RASA at the ARTIZEN ART GALLERY, NEW DELHI from the 23rd to 27th Aug 2019.



The canons of art history are fluid and changing. And it’s the role of curators to come in, make sense of it all, and present a picture of where art will head next. They act as stewards, activate ideas, draw connections, bring attention to lesser-known artists and overlooked regions, and highlight topics that warrant deeper conversation.

3And as political and social mores continue to shift, acting as a dedicated arts connoisseur is only part of the job description. For many curators, their posts come with the responsibility of mediating between three active players: artists, institutions, and the public.

Since taking the reins as director and curator of ‘MERAKII ART HOUSE’, New Delhi born Ms. Chandni Gulati has produced one elegantly executed exhibition after another, featuring talented artists. Merakii Art House, as the word ‘Merakii’ means doing something with creativity, soul or love says Ms. Gulati, her personal mission as a curator is “to look back at what and who might have been overlooked in the past, an initiative to bring all the young and talented artists to showcase their amazing work to the world.

2Merakii is all set to host another art exhibition titled RASA at the ARTIZEN ART GALLERY, NEW DELHI from the 23rd to 27th Aug 2019.

Delhi based Chandni Gulati, started curating the art gallery events at the age of 22. She hosted the first show at Lokayata Art Gallery, New Delhi, titled “Krishiv”. “RASA” is the 9th art event being hosted by Chandni in this series. This Exhibition is an initiative to promote young talent and encourage the new artists trying to make a mark in the art industry.

The aim of this show to spread among the artists the importance of basics of art and imbibe in them the aesthetics of art which is long lost in the trending scenario.

1The show is Titled RASA which means the agreeable quality of something, especially the emotional or aesthetic impression of a work of art..

The theme of the show is Bhava which means emotions. Art is an expression, It is a medium through which an artist expresses his inner self, It is a reflection of ones soul and portrays the emotions of the artist.  This exhibition will showcase the emotions and feeling of 40 artists around the country and abroad.

The attraction of this show is that Merakii had conducted an art workshop with children of an orphanage and the works they created with their own stories, will be on sale and display at this show. The price of the works will be decided by the buyer and all the money collected through these sales will be donated 100% to the orphanage for the welfare of the children.

They also have paintings of an Indian army officer posted abroad, whose works if sold will, the money will be donated for the welfare of a martyr’s family.

“I want to create an artist friendly environment through my shows and exhibitions, where each artist gets their own time to explain what they feel of art and why they like what they do, through dialogues and conversations. This is how I feel the value of art might grow in our country” says Chandni Gulati who is hosting the event.


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