Art Show 108 – The Power of 9


Art Show 108 – The Power of 9

PaintingNews Desk-Sabia derives and renews her creative energy from Nature and she endows it to her depicted characters – Squirrels, Birds, Deer. Nature, in Sabia’s work becomes that invisible blotting paper which absorbs the imbalances that Indian society creates for its women. Her works of art have a child-like innocence and simplicity, her motifs and symbols are very pure and generally revolve around ‘Nature’ and ‘Women’.

This time Sabia derives inspiration for her exhibition from the universal number108. Hindus have traditionally revered 108 as the holy number  – it is believed that its root lies in the number 9 which is indestructible. Sabia has also tried to find the real meaning of the number 108 – by coupling it with nature and to great effect. The exhibition clearly shows the aesthetic advantage of using 108 as the inspiration and nature as the anchor.

The Exhibition has two series, one is her drawings (on rice paper) that will be 108 in number and the other would be her elaborate paintings, each which have 108 numbers of any of the elements. These elements are numerous – from Semul flowers to squirrels, to deers to birds 108, but they all blend well in nature.

Sabia has always been exquisite in bringing nature onto her canvases. Her flat colours including the Indian Yellow, Raw Sienna, her crimsons, her indigos have brought to life the real landscape of India. Her Ramachandran touch has made it sure that wherever these canvases will hang, they will bring indoors that window of outdoor hope with them into the urban spaces from where gardens have now escaped. Sabia who has also recorded nature and its creatures in other mediums shall be the balm and therapy of our overcrowded horizons.


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